Baška Real Estate (7)

In Baška on the island of Krk, you can find a diverse selection of properties for sale.
Apartments near the beach and the city center offer the possibility of enjoying a traditional Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as enjoying a beautiful view of the sea.
Charming houses built in a traditional style, family houses, or modern villas with gardens and pools, offer more space and privacy, and are often further from the beach.
Apartments in residential buildings or in villas are an excellent choice for those looking for less space.
Buying real estate in Baška offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and the proximity of beaches, and is a popular destination for tourists and investors on the beautiful island of the Adriatic Sea
Baška, apartment for sale on the 2nd floor, 400m from the sea!
Baška - apartment for sale in the center in a sought-after location!
Surroundings of Baška, semi-detached house with swimming pool in a quiet location!
Baška, one-room apartment in a great location!
Baška, apartment on the 1st floor, 500m from the sea!
Baška, furnished apartment for sale, 250m from the sea!
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