Punat Real Estate (6)

Houses, apartments, flats and other properties in the beautiful town of Punat on the island of Krk provide a rich collection of available properties for sale.
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Regardless of whether you are looking for a house, villa, apartment, flat, or some other type of real estate, we will be happy to help you achieve your real estate goals through our website.
650.000€(4.897.425 kn)
House Stara Baška
Stara Baška, house with 4 residential units, 150m from the sea!
312.000€(2.350.764 kn)
House Punat
Punat, house for sale only 100m from the sea!
480.000€(3.616.560 kn)
House Punat
Punat, house in a quiet location, 350m from the sea!
580.000€(4.370.010 kn)
Apartment Punat
Punat, duplex apartment with a garden!
478.000€(3.601.491 kn)
Apartment Punat
Punat, new building in a great location, sea view!
520.000€(3.917.940 kn)
Building land Stara Baška
Stara Baška, building land by the sea!
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