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Our wide selection of apartments and suites on the island of Krk creates  plenty of opportunity for everyone to find a perfect apartment for themselves:     from luxury apartments, modern apartments, traditionally built apartments, split-level apartments, apartments with a breath-taking sea view,  apartments with pools, with a yard, on the waterfront and apartments of all sizes: from one-room to multiple-room apartments.
Buyers can choose from a huge range of suites and apartments in different parts of the island, both in urban and rural environment.  
Not to be bewildered by such an extensive selection, Premium Nekretnine Malinska is here for you to find the best apartment for yourself!

275.000€(2.071.987 kn)
Apartment Malinska
Malinska, apartment with a beautiful view of the sea!
265.000€(1.996.642 kn)
Apartment Malinska
Malinska, attractive apartment for sale on the 1st floor!
279.000€(2.102.125 kn)
Apartment Malinska
Malinska, apartment for sale on the ground floor, 600m from the sea!
630.000€(4.746.735 kn)
Apartment Krk
City of Krk, two-story apartment with pool, new building!
330.000€(2.486.385 kn)
Apartment Krk
Krk - city, apartment in a new building, 2nd floor!
198.000€(1.491.831 kn)
Apartment Njivice
Island of Krk, Njivice, apartment for sale in a quiet location!
183.000€(1.378.813 kn)
Apartment Njivice
Njivice - Newly renovated ground floor apartment, 400 meters from the sea!
Njivice, apartment in a quiet location, 350m from the sea!
239.500€(1.804.513 kn)
Apartment Krk
Krk, apartment for sale on the 1st floor, attractive location!
380.000€(2.863.110 kn)
Apartment Malinska
Malinska, apartment for sale on the second floor overlooking the sea and parking!
162.000€(1.220.589 kn)
Apartment Malinska
Malinska, sale, ground floor apartment 500m from the sea!
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