Agricultural land (11)

Farmland on the island of Krk is in high demand because of their Mediterranean climate, fertile land and favourable geographic position.
On most farmland of the island of Krk olive yards and vineyards prevail but other Mediterranean crops can also be grown.
Several factors affect the price of farmland such as the size and shape of the land but also distance to infrastructure, accessibility/access road, sea view and sea distance.
Premium Nekretnine Malinska will gladly help you in your search for farmland on the island of Krk!

Kras, agricultural land, 1262 m2!
Krk-surroundings, agricultural land for sale, surface area 3604m2!
152.000€(1.145.244 kn)
Farmland Vrbnik
Surroundings of Vrbnik, flat agricultural land for sale next to the road!
220.000€(1.657.590 kn)
Farmland Malinska
Near Malinska, agricultural land for sale in an attractive location 700 m from the sea!
500.000€(3.767.250 kn)
Farmland Soline
Forest near the sea 3.000 m2
Krk, surroundings, for sale, forest covering an area of 11.747 m2!
Krk vicinity, Farmland with seaview 19.970m2
152.000€(1.145.244 kn)
Farmland Čižići
Dobrinj area, 3798 m2 agricultural land for sale with sea view!
355.000€(2.674.747 kn)
Farmland Krk
Surroundings of Krk, sale, agricultural land!
170.000€(1.280.865 kn)
Farmland Krk
Land Krk, 6.700m2
136.500€(1.028.459 kn)
Farmland Kornić
Agricultural land with a beautiful view of the sea!
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