Dobrinj Real Estate (60)

In the Municipality of Dobrinj on the island of Krk, there is a diverse offer of properties for sale.
Flats with a view of nature, houses with spacious gardens and attractive apartments near the beach offer comfort and complete relaxation.
In the municipality of Dobrinj, you can find different types of apartments, such as one-room apartments, two-room apartments, or larger family apartments, as well as apartments with a sea view, or apartments with a garden.
There is also a difference between modern apartments in new buildings, and those in traditional residential buildings.
In the town of Dobrinj, rich in interesting history, you can find traditional houses with Mediterranean charm, and you can feel the Mediterranean way of life in a small island town.
Whether you are looking for an apartment, a house or a flat, buying real estate in the municipality of Dobrinj offers the opportunity to live in the idyllic surroundings of the island of Krk.
Kras, agricultural land, 1262 m2!
330.000€(2.486.385 kn)
House Dobrinj
Surroundings of Dobrinj, semi-detached house for sale, 300m from the sea!
Island of Krk - Kras, building land for sale, quiet location!
185.000€(1.393.882 kn)
Apartment Šilo
Šilo, apartment on the 1st floor, 500m from the sea!
Surroundings of Šilo, building land, regular shape!
199.000€(1.499.365 kn)
Building land Šilo
Surroundings of Šilo, building land, investment opportunity!
249.000€(1.876.090 kn)
Building land Šilo
Surroundings of Šilo, building land with a lot of potential!
395.000€(2.976.127 kn)
House Dobrinj
Dobrinj, house for sale in a quiet location, with a view of the sea!
410.000€(3.089.145 kn)
House Dobrinj
Dobrinj, sale, semi-detached houses in a quiet location!
240.000€(1.808.280 kn)
Apartment Šilo
Šilo, apartment on the 1st floor of a new building!
250.000€(1.883.625 kn)
Apartment Šilo
Šilo, sale, apartment on the ground floor with a garden!
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